AvishockTM: world-leading bird control technology

Avishock is the most effective bird control system in the world. It uses a patented technology that emits a mild electric pulse to scare birds away from your property. The shock isn’t harmful to birds, but deters them from landing and invading your space.

Once installed, this innovative bird control solution requires no maintenance and lasts for up to 10 years before replacement is necessary. It is a safe, humane and environmentally friendly solution that has proven effective in many applications.

Where to use AvishockTM to control pest birds

Avishock can be used virtually anywhere. It’s perfect to repel birds in areas where they are roosting or perching, such as barns, warehouses and factories. Available in two models, the system can be used in both indoor as well as outdoor applications. The product is completely safe and humane, meaning it can be used in places where people are present, such as homes or businesses.

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