Bird control

Comprehensive Bird Control Services for a Pest-Free Environment

Protect Your Property and Health with Bird Tech Ltd’s Expertise

With our expertise and comprehensive services, we specialise in managing bird populations to minimise potential conflicts between pest birds and humans. Our mission is to provide effective and humane bird control measures that protect your property, health, and well-being.

Understanding bird control

Bird control encompasses a range of strategies and techniques to manage and reduce the presence of pests birds. Pest birds, such as pigeons, seagulls, and sparrows, can cause significant damage to structures, spread diseases, create hygiene issues, and disturb peace. Effective bird control measures help mitigate these problems and ensure a safer and cleaner environment.

The benefits

Property Preservation and Damage Prevention:

  • Safeguards your property from structural damage caused by bird nests, droppings, and debris.
  • Prevents clogged gutters, blocked drainage systems, and deterioration of building materials.
  • Avoids costly repairs and maintenance due to bird-related damages.

Disease Prevention and Health Protection:

  • Minimises the presence of allergens and respiratory irritants associated with bird feathers and droppings.
  • Reduces the risk of diseases transmitted through bird droppings, such as histoplasmosis and salmonellosis.
  • Creates a healthier environment for residents, employees, and visitors, promoting overall wellbeing.

Safety and Risk Mitigation:

  • Eliminate fire hazards caused by birds nesting near electrical installations or blocking ventilation systems.
  • Prevent slips and falls due to slippery bird droppings, reducing the risk of accidents and liability issues.
  • Minimise the potential damage and operational disruptions caused by birds interfering with machinery or equipment.

Methods of bird control

Here at Bird Tech, we employ a range of advanced and humane bird control techniques tailored to your specific requirements. Our experienced team utilises the following strategies:

This method involves humanely trapping birds and relocating them to more suitable habitats, ensuring their welfare while effectively managing their presence.

  • Bird Alert

Bird Tech employ the latest technologies, including advanced bird alert systems designed to deter birds from specific areas. These systems employ visual and audio signals as a means to create an environment that appears threatening to pest birds.

  • Shooting

Upon request, our team offer shooting as another method of controlling bird populations. This involves highly trained professionals employing responsible and ethical shooting practices to reduce bird populations swiftly.

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