Commercial Bird Control

There are many ways in which bird control services can improve efficiency and safety within your business. Here’s a look at some of the most common commercial sectors:


Agriculture is one of the most important commercial sectors where bird control services are needed. It is a key sector for birds and other wildlife, as it offers food, shelter and water, and provides an ideal environment for nesting sites.

Bird control services are essential in preventing damage to crops by birds, which can contaminate food and spread disease.

Food manufacturing and processing

Food manufacturing and processing plants are ideal targets for pest birds, who will flock to the area in search of food. The most common type of bird infestation that occurs in these areas is when a bird, such as a pigeon or starling, builds nests on or around your property. This can pose serious problems for your business if you don’t take action right away. Bird control is critical within this industry because it can lead to contamination of food products. If you suspect you have a pest bird problem at your facility then contact us today!

Airports and transport hubs

Airports and transport hubs are crucial to our global economy, so it is essential that they remain bird-strike free. Birds can be a threat to aircraft, especially during takeoff and landing. Bird strikes can cause serious damage to aircraft and even result in their crash. In order to prevent these tragedies and ensure the safety of air travellers worldwide, airports need effective bird control measures.

Bird netting has proven effective in preventing birds from damaging aircraft at airports by keeping them away from runways. Netting also prevents birds from nesting under terminal roofs or other areas where they could be active at night (when most collisions occur), while airports may also use bird point to deter them from roosting on vantage points.

Ports and shipping

Ports and shipping facilities are one of the most critical areas where bird control is required. The importance of keeping ports, shipping channels and loading facilities free from birds cannot be overstated. Bird droppings are harmful to people and equipment, can cause health issues for employees working in these areas, will damage cargo and containers and create an unsanitary environment. In addition to these problems caused by bird droppings themselves, there is also the cost of cleaning up after them which can add up quickly depending on the size of your business or organisation.


Bird droppings can be a problem for historic buildings. Not only do they cause damage to historic fabric, but bird droppings can also lead to health issues in humans. With many heritage structures and buildings playing host to millions of visitors per year, bird control is essential to protect both the visitors, as well as the architectural integrity of the building.

Local authorities

Local authorities are responsible for the cleanliness of their areas and the safety of their residents, as well as the health and safety of themselves and their employees. The removal of bird droppings from buildings can prevent zoonotic diseases, which can be contracted when an individual inhales spores from a contaminated area.

Bird fouling may also be home to mites and ticks carrying diseases like Lyme disease. Local authorities need look no further than our services for help controlling this problem before it becomes unmanageable. We specialise in mitigating issues related to birds, so you don’t have worry about what might happen next time one lands on your head during lunch break outside!

Office buildings

In office buildings, bird control is important for the health and wellbeing of employees, as well as to prevent damage to property and equipment. Bird droppings can cause slip and fall accidents, or even allergies in some people. The best way to avoid these problems is through regular pest and bird control programmes that keep pests at bay.

Talk to us about bird control for your business

Bird control is critical in all these commercial sectors. The health and safety of employees, customers and the public are at stake. The only way to ensure a clean and safe facility is to eliminate or reduce bird infestations.

Birds can also cause serious damage to structures, equipment and products with their droppings alone. Birds carry many diseases, which can spread from birds to humans or other animals, and their fouling may harbour bacteria that can cause food-borne illnesses.

If your business has a problem with pest birds, message us or give us a call on 03300 533 788 to find out more about our specialist bird control services for the commercial sector.