Post and wire

Post and Wire Bird Deterrent: Effective Solutions for Bird Control

Introducing Post and Wire: A Brief Overview of an Effective Bird Proofing Solution

At Bird Tech, we offer a comprehensive range of bird-proofing systems, employing the latest technologies to create innovative solutions. One of these is the highly effective post and wire bird-proofing system. These systems provide an innovative and discreet approach to deter pest birds from landing, perching, or roosting on buildings, ledges, and other structures. As bird proofing experts, we can help you create a bird-free environment while maintaining the aesthetics of your property.

What is Post and Wire?

Post and wire is a specialist bird control system designed to prevent birds from landing in specific areas. It involves the installation of vertical posts and horizontal wires, creating an uneven and unstable surface that makes it difficult for birds to land or roost. This technique is particularly effective for deterring larger birds or birds that are persistent in their roosting habits.

The benefits of post and wire


The thin wires and low-profile posts used in the system are discreet and barely perceptible. As such, this system ensures that the aesthetics of your building or structure are not compromised.

Ideal for Deterrent Large Birds:

Post and wire bird proofing is highly effective in deterring larger bird species, e.g. pigeons, seagulls, and crows. These pest birds can cause significant damage and hygiene issues, making this an ideal system for protecting your property.

Ideal for Large Buildings:

The post and wire system is particularly well-suited to large buildings, where other bird control methods may be impractical or visually intrusive. As such, it provides an effective bird-proofing solution without compromising the structure’s architectural integrity.

Requires No Drilling:

Unlike some other bird control systems, post and wire bird proofing requires no drilling into the surface of the building. As a result, this makes it a convenient option, especially for buildings where drilling is not feasible or desirable.

Why Choose Us?

Bird Proofing Experts:

With over three decades of experience in the field of bird control, Bird Tech brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project. Our long-standing presence in the industry has allowed us to refine our techniques and develop innovative solutions that deliver effective results.

CHAS Advanced Accreditation

We are proud to hold CHAS Advanced certification, awarded by the UK’s leading provider of compliance and risk management solutions. This demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of health and safety in our operations. By working with a CHAS-accredited company like Bird Tech, you can have peace of mind knowing we adhere to strict regulations and guidelines to ensure our team’s and our clients’ safety.

Excellent Customer Service:

At Bird Tech Ltd, we prioritise excellent customer service throughout every stage of your bird control project. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can assist you during our business hours, Monday to Friday, from 08:30 to 17:30. We value clear communication, prompt responses, and a customer-centric approach.

Need a discreet solution to your pest bird issues?

Are you ready to experience the benefits of post and wire bird proofing? Contact Bird Tech on 03300 533 788 today to discuss your bird control requirements. Alternatively, you can use our online contact form and our expert team will contact you to explore your needs. Our knowledgeable team will provide expert advice, design a tailored solution, and ensure the effective implementation of the post and wire system for optimal bird control results. Don’t let unwanted birds take over your property—take action now and enjoy a bird-free environment!