Fouling removal

The hazards of bird fouling

Bird fouling is a problem that can be difficult to get rid of and often leaves you with an unsightly mess, which your customers will find off-putting. The pest birds have gone but the problem remains and if left untreated, it could lead to greater issues such as damage to buildings and machinery, contamination of food and equipment, disease transmission, or even an increased risk of fire.

Bird fouling is a serious problem for many industries. Bird droppings are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, moulds and viruses, so even small amounts of bird droppings can pose a health hazard. In addition to the health risks associated with contaminated products and materials, there are also costs associated with repairing corroded and damaged machinery and buildings caused by contamination from bird droppings.

What is more, bird droppings attract insects such as flies and cockroaches, which can then spread diseases to other locations by carrying pathogens from one place to another.

How can Bird Tech help with bird fouling?

When it comes to guano removal and disinfection, Bird Tech are the go-to specialists. Our years of experience in removing and treating bird fouling to ensure full clearance and decontamination mean you are in safe hands and can rest assured your problems will be soon be a thing of the past. Please visit our pages on decontamination and clearance for further details.