Birds taken over your loft?

Bird fouling is a problem that can be difficult to get rid of and often leaves you with an unsightly mess, which your customers will find off-putting. The pest birds have gone but the problem remains and if left untreated, it could lead to greater issues such as damage to buildings and machinery, contamination of food and equipment, disease transmission, or even an increased risk of fire.

Bird fouling can be a major headache for business and homeowners. Even small amounts of bird droppings can pose a health hazard, due to the bacteria and viruses that thrive in the birds’ faeces and feathers. In addition to the health risks it poses, bird droppings are corrosive and can result in damage to machinery and buildings.

What is more, bird droppings attract insects such as flies and cockroaches, which can then spread diseases to other locations by carrying pathogens from one place to another.

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As with any job like this, it is important to use a company experienced in bird control. Our trained and qualified technicians have the equipment and expertise needed to carry out the clearance effectively, ensuring the job is done right and to the highest of standards.

The Bird Tech team are specialists in bird control for both the residential and commercial markets. If you have a problem with bird fouling in your home or business, call us today on 03300 533 788, or drop us a message.