Bird netting services

Bird netting: the basics

Bird netting is a versatile and effective method of bird control and can be used in many different situations. Bird netting can be installed on buildings, roofs and other structures to protect important areas from bird infestations. A commercial building infested by pigeons, for example, may require bird netting to protect windows so they are not damaged by birds flying into them in nesting season.

In addition to deterring pests such as pigeons and seagulls that can cause health hazards and damage to your property with their droppings, bird netting will prevent birds from landing on the facade or roof of your building or on canopies over windows. This keeps them at bay and limits any potential damage caused by fouling.

Applications for bird netting

Bird netting is an effective way to protect buildings, signs, solar panels and more by preventing birds from nesting or roosting. Netting can protect signs and facades from unwanted visitors without obscuring visibility for your loyal customers, and if you’ve invested in solar panels, netting can keep pest birds away, preventing fouling and nesting to maximise light input.

Bird netting is a lightweight, durable material that can be installed year-round on any surface. Netting can be custom-fitted to any size or shape, making it the ideal solution for many applications, and is available in a range of mesh sizes to target different bird species.

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