Why is decontamination necessary?

Bird fouling is a serious problem for many industries and homes. Bird droppings provide the ideal conditions for bacteria, fungi, moulds and viruses to thrive. This means that even small amounts of guano can pose a health hazard to your employees or your family. In addition to the health risks associated with contaminated products and materials, there are also costs associated with repairing corroded and damaged machinery and buildings caused by contamination from bird droppings.

What does it involve?

Our trained engineers assess the risk of disease transmission from animal or bird faeces and other potentially infectious materials. If a risk for zoonotic contagion exists, decontamination should be performed to render the bird droppings inert prior to removal, before returning personnel back into an area contaminated by guano.

As with any job like this, it is important to use a company that is experienced in bird control. Our trained and qualified technicians have the equipment and expertise required to carry out the clearance and disinfection effectively, ensuring that the job is done right and to the highest standards.

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