Bird Free gel pots

What are Bird Free gel pots?

Bird Free Gel Pots are a unique visual and olfactory repellent that deters pest birds from certain areas. The main purpose of these pots is to deter birds from their nesting or roosting areas by frightening them. They achieve this by appearing to birds to look like fire and smell like chili. This gel is an effective deterrent, while being non-toxic to birds and other animals (with the exception of some pets). No other product on the market possesses its unique ability to stop birds landing on any kind of surface.

Applications for controlling pest birds

Completely impervious to all weather conditions, the gel pots are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Applied to the surface around the area of bird activity, they create a visual barrier that deters birds from landing or roosting. Bird free gel pots can function as a standalone bird deterrent. They work best, however, when used as a complementary repellent alongside other bird deterrents such as netting or AvishockTM.

Examples of applications include:

  • Commercial and retail buildings
  • Historic buildings and churches
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Public buildings and hospitals
  • Railway stations and airports
  • Car parks, bridges and other structures.

The small dimensions of the pots makes them invisible from below. This makes them perfect for bird control in areas that provide access for your customers, staff or visitors. Their compact size also makes them ideal for window ledges and signage, which can prove popular roosting areas.

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