Ball stop netting

Bird Tech: Providers of High-Quality Sports Netting Solutions

Bird Tech are the UK’s leading provider of bird-proofing solutions and ball stop netting. In addition to our bird control services, we offer first-rate sports netting solutions for a wide range of applications. Whether you need pitch-side netting for a professional sports ground, ball-stop netting for your garden, or meshing for a tennis court, we have you covered. Our expertise and high-quality products ensure you can enjoy your sports activities without safety concerns or interruptions.

What is Ball Stop Netting?

Ball stop netting refers to specialised sports netting or meshing systems installed around club grounds, recreational facilities, and gardens to create a safe and secure environment for sporting activities. These nets are designed to prevent balls from escaping the designated playing area, ensuring the safety of both players and spectators, and preventing damage to property. Common applications for this netting include in sports such as football, cricket, baseball, golf, and tennis.

Types of Sports Netting:

At Bird Tech, we offer a wide range of sports netting options to suit different requirements and budgets:

Pitch-side Netting:

Primarily used in professional sports grounds to enclose the playing area, this type of netting prevents balls from going out of bounds and protects nearby spectators and property. Our pitch-side netting is of course manufactured from durable materials capable of withstanding heavy impacts and harsh weather conditions.

Ball Stop Netting:

Ideal for recreational facilities and school sports fields, ball stop netting is designed to contain balls within a specific area. It helps prevent damage to surrounding structures, ensures player safety, and furthermore minimises ball retrieval efforts.

Garden Ball Stop Solutions:

We offer garden netting and meshing solutions for homeowners that enjoy sports activities in their gardens. These systems are designed to create a safe playing space within your garden, preventing balls from entering neighbouring properties or causing damage.

Why do you need Ball Stop Netting?

Sports netting serves several crucial purposes in various sporting environments:


By containing balls within the playing area, sports netting protects players and spectators from potential injury caused by flying or stray balls. It therefore helps create a secure environment where everyone can enjoy the game without worrying about accidental injuries.

Property Protection:

Ball stop netting acts a barrier, preventing balls from damaging nearby structures, windows, vehicles, or gardens. This reduces the risk of costly repairs or disputes arising from accidental damages.

Enhanced Gameplay:

With ball stop netting in place, players can focus on their game without concerns about retrieving balls that have gone astray. It improves the game’s flow, allowing for uninterrupted play and enhanced performance.

If you need high-quality sports netting solutions, look no further than Bird Tech. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional products and services that meet your requirements.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to assess your needs, provide professional advice, and ensure a seamless installation process. Contact us today on 03300 533 788 to discuss your netting needs and take the first step towards creating a safer and more enjoyable sporting environment. Choose Bird Tech for reliable netting solutions that offer durability, safety, and peace of mind.