Flock off

Flock Off: The Ultimate Bird Proofing Solution

Bird Tech are the UK’s leading provider of advanced bird control solutions. We understand the challenges that birds present when they roost, nest, and cause damage to various structures. Introducing the revolutionary “Flock Off” system, this cutting-edge solution is designed to effectively deter birds and ensure a bird-free environment, whatever your specific project needs.

Detailed Overview of Flock Off

The “Flock Off” system is a state-of-the-art bird control solution that harnesses the power of low-frequency electromagnetic waves to create an uncomfortable environment for birds. By emitting these waves, the system disrupts the birds’ navigation and communication abilities, encouraging them to relocate to more desirable areas.

The electromagnetic waves produced by the “Flock Off” system are carefully calibrated to effectively deter birds while ensuring the safety of both the birds and the surrounding environment. This humane and eco-friendly approach makes it an ideal choice for bird-proofing in various settings.


The versatility of the “Flock Off” system means it is suitable and can be applied in a wide range of environments. The following list is an example of this, and includes just a few common applications:

Commercial Buildings:

“Flock Off” is particularly effective for bird-proofing commercial buildings, including high-rise buildings, office complexes, and shopping centres. These structures often face challenges from perching and nesting birds, which can lead to property damage, health hazards, and maintenance issues.

Billboards and Signage:

Birds can cause significant damage to billboards and signage, leading to a decline in visibility and marketing effectiveness. For The system provides an excellent solution for protecting these structures and ensuring your advertising messages are displayed clearly.

Agricultural Fields:

Farms and agricultural areas are prone to bird-related damage, including crop consumption and contamination. “Flock Off” can deter birds from fields, preventing yield losses and reducing the need for harmful chemical deterrents.

Industrial Facilities:

Industrial sites, such as factories and warehouses, can benefit from the “Flock Off” system to prevent birds from nesting in equipment, machinery, or storage areas. This helps to maintain a safe and hygienic working environment while minimising potential damages.

Why Flock Off is Effective for Bird Proofing

Highly Effective

The “Flock Off” system has the potential to be 100% effective in deterring birds from the protected area. By disrupting their natural navigation and communication, the system creates an environment that birds find uncomfortable and seek to avoid.

Ideal for Billboards or Commercial Buildings

The “Flock Off” system is particularly well-suited for bird-proofing billboards and commercial buildings, due to its ability to cover large areas. It ensures that birds do not hinder the visibility of advertisements or cause structural damage to buildings.

Environmentally Friendly

With its humane approach, the “Flock Off” system provides a bird control solution that does not harm the birds or the surrounding ecosystem. It allows for effective bird-proofing without resorting to harmful chemicals or trapping methods.

Maintain Aesthetics

The “Flock Off” system blends seamlessly into the environment without compromising the aesthetics of the protected area.

Is Flock Off right for your bird proofing project?

To find out more about the “Flock Off” system and to discuss your specific bird control needs, contact Bird Tech on 03300 533 788. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in implementing an effective bird-proofing solution. Alternatively, fill out our convenient online contact form, and we will promptly respond to your inquiry.