Trapping as a method of bird control

Sometimes, netting and bird point is not enough to deter pest birds from nesting and roosting at your home or business. The next step in an integrated pest management strategy is to try bird trapping. In many cases bird traps are a great way to control bird populations in your warehouse or office building.

How does bird trapping work?

One of our trained specialist engineers will visit your property to conduct a thorough survey of the pest birds’ habitat. This includes both inside and outside your property, as well as any known roosting sites like trees or nearby buildings and typical flight patterns. This ensures the traps can be placed in locations where maximum efficiency can be guaranteed.

Once the trap is in place, the engineer will place a lure, or bait, in the trap to attract the pest birds. The trap is left open for a number of days, as the birds will be wary of anything new, and this allows the pest birds to grow accustomed to the trap. The trap is then set, preventing birds from escaping, and our engineer visits the site regularly to remove any pest birds that are trapped.

Is bird trapping right for my situation?

Bird traps don’t solve every problem, but they’re less harmful to non-target species than other methods and they provide a better solution when space is limited of if you have sensitive equipment that pest birds are interfering with or causing damage to.

Bird traps are more effective when used as part of a larger, integrated pest management strategy that includes other techniques such as netting, harassment, habitat modification and exclusion from roosting sites (for example by sealing entrances).

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